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About Us

Acculab was founded in 2006 by owner and head lab technician Chris Brundies. Acculab is a vibrant and growing component of the optical industry. With over Twenty-Three years of experience in the optical field, Chris’ journey started as a military optician. Chris appreciates and understands how good quality lenses can shape the experiences of the wearer. Whether our lenses are being used by a veteran across the country or a soccer mom taking her kids to practice, Chris is passionate about having the latest in technology and providing the best products in our Industry

Meet the Team

Chris Brundies

Joe Colton
Director of Sales/Marketing
(630) 234-3568

Jennifer Nickles
Anti-Reflective Coating Specialist

Matt Jordan
Production Manager Aka THE WIZARD

Cindy Kopis
Lab Technician

Broc Mohler
Lab Technician

Jacob Brundies
Lab Technician
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